Special Effects Makeup Workshops

If you are looking to up skill or learn about special effects makeup then check out my workshops that I hold at night in Southport, Queensland.  My Advanced Prosthetic Workshop is a 16 week, 2 nights a week course covering everything from full head lifecast, sculpting, moulding and manufacturing full head creatures and characters and so much more.

    If  you’d like to dip your toe in and see what it’s like to make a foam latex prosthetic makeup then look into my SHORT SHOP workshop.  One night a week for 8 weeks, covering face casting, sculpting, moulding and manufacturing of foam latex. Great for bodypaint artists, hobbyist and anyone looking to learn the basics in foam latex.

For the gory and messy horror fanatics I host a travelling workshop entitled BLOODLINES, BLADDERS & BLOWUP HEADS.  The title says it all.  I show you simple blood fx rigs for bleeding fx to props and finally a messy, wet exploding mutant dummy.  All the details and images are in the drop folders.